October 6, 2023

Business IT Support and Services at Loganholme

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Computer Repairs Loganholme – doesn’t just fix Computers. We offer complete IT Solutions and support for home users and Small businesses that depend on their reliable computer systems and infrastructure to keep their business running so that you can focus on other things within your business.

Sometimes, you need an Expert Mobile IT technician who can come to your business premises in Loganholme and assess your computer system and workflow to see whether or not the latest technology or upgrades may benefit your business or offer some technical expertise.

Some of our most common requests from companies are;

Set up a new Website

Computer Repairs Loganholme offers website design services that can create a new webpage for you for a fraction of the cost many web designers charge. Our usual price for a website (without a store} is under $1000, allowing you to make unlimited changes in a month to be happy with your website design before it goes live. We ask our small business customers to give us an idea of a colour theme they have in mind along with their existing logo – (If not, we have a Logo and Graphics designer who can design one as well). From there, we come back to you with a rough draft of a website with placement text, which you then give us updates and changes so that we can publish them and you can watch your website being built in real-time. The reason why we are cheaper than most – is that a lot of digital marketing agencies in Loganholme have in-house editors/content writers, etc., which adds up. We believe that the best person who knows about your business is YOU, so we can immediately pass on the savings by asking you for the content. If you are not good at range, we also have a content writer you can deal with directly to assist in the writing aspect of your webpage. 

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Set up a Custom Email address [email protected]

If you don’t want to have a website – but want a custom email address that makes you look more professional, we can design a splash page for your business free of charge with our hosting plans, where it can be a nice background picture with your contact details and email address if you don’t require a website but need a custom email domain. We can set up an email address and Splash Page for your part on the same day. Loganholme is your one-stop IT support for all business owners.

Redesign / Update the feel and look of my existing website

Is your website outdated and has an old look to it? Do you need to update it to be more compatible with the latest phones/tablets and give it a more responsible page load? We can provide your website with a minor or more extensive facelift. We also own our dedicated server in Australia, so we don’t use any other company – most of which are hosted overseas where the hardware and labour are cheap – However, it is very frustrating if you ever need to talk to someone on the phone or when things go wrong. It doesn’t matter where you are located in Australia. We can speak with you about your needs over Zoom or telephone.

Update their Business backup System or look at alternative methods for backing up.

Most companies want to sell your servers. A server is a dedicated computer that can usually host files. The reality is that most businesses don’t need a server but get sold as a way for the computer services company to make more money. Most businesses can put their backup systems in the cloud, so they don’t need a Business Server or NAS drive. If a fire, flood or theft occurs at your business – you could have the best backup systems in place; however, if you don’t have an offsite backup solution – you risk losing all of your precious data and have to start again. Let us help you with the best cloud-based solutions money can buy so you do not depend on Local backup Solutions.

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Remove Viruses from your Computer Systems and Prevent against future threats.

We specialise in virus removal and what to do after you have been scammed. Unfortunately, scammers about bypassing your security systems are getting craftier by the day. While there is not a 100 per cent guarantee to prevent attacks, by speaking to an IT professional who deals with small businesses and understands their needs, we can make sure the appropriate software is installed for you along with your staff to prevent them from clicking on phishing links or downloading software that can encrypt that data on your system by then having to pay thousands of dollars to decrypt your data. Call us to discuss the best virus scanners and preventative measures that you can take to protect both your and your customer’s data.

Tailored IT support for your Business at Loganholme

No matter what business you have – whether running it from your home or at business premises- we can offer you tailored IT support for your business and ensure that we are available to assist you seven days a week throughout the Loganholme Area. One of our head Computer technicians – was featured on Channel 9 advising on how customers could increase their internet speed by simply speeding up their computer – and was also one of the youngest employees for IBM in Australia, getting a job there at the young age of 17. Computer Repairs Loganholme – we don’t offer IT Managed Support Services because we believe sometimes they can be a costly add-up if you are not using them all the time. Instead, they provide an on-demand service for our business customers’ where we can usually attend to them on the same day.

Desktop Support and Business Support services for home users and businesses in Loganholme.

Experience top-notch desktop support from our expert technicians, providing you with the peace of mind of a well-monitored system.

We’ve Got Your Back with your Desktop Support needs at Loganholme! With our comprehensive range of IT services, we’ll ensure your computer systems are continuously operating at peak performance. From proactive measures like regular upgrades and remote monitoring to hands-on support and top-notch security solutions, we’ve thought of everything to keep your costs down and your systems running smoothly. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uptime.

  • Internet connection issues or slow internet speed at your business location.
  • Ability to set up remote access so you and your employees/contractors can work at home.
  • Upgrades/repairs on all your IT devices except phones and tablets.
  • Install and manage fast Wired and Wi-Fi computer networks (Eliminate WIFI dead spots in your home and office, troubleshoot slow connections and dropouts).

Mac Support Business Services

Are you looking for reliable Mac Support and Services at Loganholme? Look no further; we have the perfect solution for your needs. Our high-quality Apple IT support and services include;

  • Apple IT troubleshooting and service upgrades.
  • Mac installations, problem-solving, upgrades, and repairs, including Keyboard Replacement system board replacements.
  • Virtual machine setups and Screen replacements, keyboard replacements and System Board Replacements.
  • Fixing all iMacs, Macbooks, Mac Book Pros and any other computer system except iPhones and iPads.

Same Day Laptop Services and Support – All Brands, Models and Makes

If you’re looking for reliable laptop support and services in Loganholme, there’s no better place to turn than your local IT professional – Computer Repairs Loganholme.  Whether you need a basic tune-up or a more complex repair service, the certified technicians at your local IT company have the experience and expertise to get your laptop running smoothly again. With comprehensive technical support and advanced diagnostic tools, they can quickly identify the root cause of any issue. We do over 40 laptop repairs per week and have a specialist who is very familiar with this.

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